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From the author of Dragons: The Essential Ties, which gave rise to an epic dragon adventure like none other, comes its much-anticipated sequel Dragons: The Fury.

For ages, dragons have been magic’s greatest and most powerful foes, but what if a dragon falls under a magical spell?

Andrea is now a young teenager whose happy life has revolved around the two most powerful dragons of the world, but her father, Mauricio, has always resented their presence in his daughter’s life.

Borys and Gina’s passion for each other has grown and intensified, and so have their powers. They have been secretly plotting against their own masters but have never found the perfect opportunity to rebel; now, the Fury may give them just that.

Alanna is still looking for her lost love, David, but in the meantime, she has kept herself busy hunting magical beings in the company of her essential partner, Lien, and a young teenage girl named Alondra.

In Dragons: The Fury, heroes and villains alike are about to discover that wielding too much power can literally bring your deepest and strongest uncontrolled emotions to life, especially in a world of sorcerers, witches, wizards, and dragons.